"Fine Jewelry" has a new definition!

Suzi Badrena

"Fine Jewelry" has been defined as mall style stores with lots of diamond rings and rather generic, chains with colorless little pendents and earrings that all look a lot alike, or individual, high end "name" jewelers that feature mostly high end gold that is casted using similar designs with possibly different gems.

"Esperanza Jewelers" feels personal expression and the excitement of finding a unique piece of jewelry that is "you"  has been lost in mass production or unattainable prices.  It is our goal to create one of a kind, hand made jewelry using both 14k gold and sterling silver together, using precious and semi-precious gems, also Opals, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise that we hand cut in our lapidary, and construct each piece individually. 

It is also our goal to make an affordable product that makes beauty more attainable and increases enthusiasm with jewelry that is art and the pleasure people have derived thoughout the ages from exquisite adornments.