About Us

Welcome! Come share our ongoing design adventure that spans 50 Years!

We came to Colorado from Puerto Rico, where I was born and raised, with my wife Suzi and our son Billy, in 1975. We brought with us our love of Puerto Rican culture…the bold colors of the famous graphic arts, the excitement and joy of the salsa music, the elegance of our Paso Fino horses, and the delicious traditional Puerto Rican food. We found a place to express ourselves in the mountains of Colorado.

We bought an old ranch on the top of a mountain and named it "Esperanza", Spanish for hope. We opened a jewelry store in the little town of Evergreen and named it "The Jewel Merchants". There we designed awesome jewelry for five years.

As Evergreen erupted in castle like estates, we became tile and mosaic artists. "Esperanza Tile Masons" and our business flourished for 25 years. We divided our time with our passion for Paso Fino horses, showing and breeding our horses.

We have come to a time in our life to consolidate all of our experiences into our art, and our avenue is "Esperanza Jewelers". Our "Design With Attitude" inspiration is to challenge conventional concepts. Turquoise, for example, is beautiful in its natural setting., but when we combine it with odd shaped fresh water pearls and a touch of gold, something new emerges! We are striving to experiment with new forms and shapes, incorporating Art Deco, Baroque, Modern, Native America, and an assortment of gemstones. We present a body of work where each piece has its own individual character and will be treasured as something personal by you, the buyer.

Our retail outlet is "Kings Emporium", an exciting, colorful marketplace with a kaleidoscope of previous finds. We have a beautiful display for "Esperanza Jewelers" as you walk in the door. It is located about 4 miles south of Conifer on Highway 285 at the entrance to Kings Valley on the right.

We have a growing following there and test all of our new design concepts at the store to gather feedback, ever striving for something new and distinctive.

William and Suzi Badrena